Urban exploring, Urbex or UE is the search of mostly abandoned buildings and areas that are (usually) not accessible to the public. It's also photographing the beauty of decay.

Unwritten golden rule among Urbexers: Take nothing but pictures, Leave nothing but footprints.

Also, most urban explorers (also called urbexers) do not try to break any laws other than venturing into areas they do not have access to, some consider a "crime without victims".

Abandoned buildings:

This can be anything from a just-abandoned office building to a 200-year-old ruin. Abandoned industries are a favorite, as are buildings with beautiful architecture such as castles and churches.

Non-abandoned buildings:

Some people also explore non-abandoned buildings. Generally this is called infiltration. This can range from checking out what's in a cleaning shack, wandering through hospital tunnels, to looking around military bases.

Abandoned domains:

Abandoned domains are also a goal for some Urban Explorers. These areas can range from abandoned military training grounds to airfields and empty and abandoned factory or holiday villages.

It is a sport for the Urban Explorers to find a urbex location and the golden rule is often also known: do not just give away addresses of a location or publish them on the internet just like that. This is mainly due to respect and the protection of a urbex location against vandals. The real explorers are only out to take beautiful photos and / or videos of beautiful buildings, both inside and outside, although there are also some who mainly go for the kick, such as climbing high objects such as bridges and communication poles.

Pay attention!

Urban exploring is not without risk. However, by having good equipment and recognizing the risk factors you can limit the risks, but it remains dangerous! Urban exploring can therefore also pose a health hazard. Risks when entering abandoned buildings are - due to the often dilapidated condition - sinking floors or finding asbestos or other products such as chemicals. But watchdogs and administrators can also pose a threat. That is why a good urbexer never goes alone and takes care of the right equipment.


  1. Survival package (food, drink, medication, tools)
  2. Waterproof flashlight + spare batteries
  3. Mobile phone
  4. Gloves
  5. Sturdy shoes and (dark) clothing
  6. Mouth mask against dust and fumes (Note: if you want to protect yourself well against serious toxic substances, buy an asbestos suit right away!)


  1. Always go with a minimum of two people, preferably three. (in an emergency, one can go for help, the other stays with the victim)
  2. Let those at home know exactly where you are. For longer expeditions you send an SMS to the home front at fixed times (if possible with coordinates).
  3. Make sure you prepare well. (knowledge of the terrain, surveillance or timetable of trains, etc.)
  4. Do not touch toxic substances or animal bodies.
  5. Stay away from police, owners, security.
  6. Also keep away from vandals and copper thieves.
  7. You are never faster than a dog. So don't run!

Urbexers not vandals:

The problem, however, is that explorers are by definition curious about unknown places, and therefore often visit places where they are not allowed to go, and places where people with other intentions also spend a lot of time, such as graffiti sprayers, squatters, vandals or copper thieves. Owners and the police also confuse them with these groups. Fortunately, many owners or police officers respect the sport after text and explanation and showing some results and it often remains with a warning and you can even get the green light to continue your way as an urbexer.

Are you an Urbexer?

Never want to know what's behind the old wall in the city? Never want to know what happened in the old hospital that has been abandoned for years? Never wanted to see the beauty of decay, the nature that swallows up the urban world? Then you are not the right person for urban exploring. If you are a potential urbexer, then I hope that you will find the necessary inspiration on my site and that you also observe the (unwritten) rules.