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Jugendhochschule Bogensee

Jugendhochschule "Wilhelm Pieck" am Bogensee:

The lake "Bogensee" was known as Joseph Goebbels has built his weekend mansion "Landhaus Bogensee" here, and later was used as part of the young high school. The buildings are now landmarks.

The History: The Treasurer and Privy Council of His Majesty, Count Wilhelm of Redern sold in 1919 to be about 5000 hectares of highly indebted, 1876 with the acquired right Lake Bogensee for nearly 20 million marks to the city council of Berlin.

In 1936 the city of Berlin gave the Bogensee including 496.3 acres of land on the eastern shore of the lake and includes a hut the whole of the then 39-year Propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels.

On March 9, 1946 the land and buildings was owned by the Soviet Military Administration in Germany (SMAD). All the buildings were used after the end of the Second World War as a hospital until 1946.

In 1950 the FDJ (Freie Deutsche Jugend) college, got the name of the first president of the DDR, "Wilhelm Pieck" granted. On October 16, 1951 by reason of the first stone for the expansion of the university - a building for classes, boarding and a community center located within the complex design of open and green spaces.

The cottage got the goal of a kindergarten, a consumer sale, a hairdresser and living quarters for the director and housed administrative director.