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Helmstedt-Marienborn Border

The Johanniter Heilstätte (St. John sanatorium) build was especially made ​​possible by a generous donation by Werner von Seebach Langensalza in 1895. The funds should be used for the construction of a hospital in the district of Erfurt. So in January 1899 they decided that there should be a modern sanatorium for 60 female patients.

In the presence of the Lord Master Prince Albrecht of Prussia on 26 June 1902, the inauguration of the new sanatorium took place. Chief physician was Dr. Sobotta, supported by a sisterhood, which provided the Deaconess Motherhouse of the Hospitaller Order. A house for the chief physician and a farm building was built on the site early in 1903.

In 1951, the last lung surgery was performed. Until 1961, the occupancy dropped from 180 to only 120 patients. Early 1962 they decide to take also male patients and that brought the desired economic success.

In 1989, the situation changed again dramatically. The municipality of Wernigerode failed through a timely termination of the main lease agreement with the Church, so that the contract until 31st December 1991 was valid.

In 2000, the Order of St. John was after much effort a buyer who purchased the building for 90,000 DM, use a concept but could not produce. Another subsequent owner of the club was „Schloss Ochsenberg“, which here was to create a treatment center for people with AIDS and with some construction work began to remodel the hospital building. At that time, then disappeared from the unsecured area of theft, especially high-value metal as railings, copper heating pipes and even the manhole cover outside.

On 15 May 2007 a fire burned the roof of the middle part of the building (former Church part and later the cinema).

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