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Schloss D

Schloss D. is a new baroque mansion with a 28-acre area surrounding. The site of the former mill was in 1755 by the Berlin leather manufacturer Peter Friedrich Damm acquired, possessed the sole right of the Royal Prussian Army uniform items from chamois supply. He erected the building of the Schloß Dammsmühle in 1768 as a two-storey palace in a forest of Barnim, west of the village near the Schönwalde Mühlenbecker lake .

According to the fashion of the rococo time, the castle on the top floor had an auditorium. After the death of Damm, the building fell into disrepair because there was no heir. At a foreclosure sale in 1894 earned lieutenant Adolf Wollank, son of the Berlin lawyer, landowner and Pankow Office Superintendent Adolf Friedrich Wollank, the property and developed it into a mansion. He let the building redecorate by the architectural firm Erdmann & Spindler from Berlin in neo-baroque style, raising, provided with an attachment and a tower with onion dome. On an artificial island in the mill pond, he left a building in the shape of a mosque built in and that was a big ballroom.

After the death of Adolf Wollanks 27 April 1915, his brother Otto managed the castle, which was now named after its builder 'Dammsmühle'. The castle was in 1919 sold to the businessman Hermann Circle of Zehlendorf.

Ten years later, in 1929, obtained the British Harry Goodwin Hart, then director of Unilever, the estate. After Hart had to leave Germany with his Jewish wife in 1938, he was expropriated in 1940th.

Now the castle came into possession of Heinrich Himmler. During this time, prisoners from the Sachsenhausen concentration camp were used for construction and maintenance measures.

After the war ended in 1945, it was occupied by the Red Army. In 1959, the Ministry of State Security of the DDR's took over the house again and used it until 1989 as a hunting lodge (Jagdschloss).

In 1997, the heirs of Harry Goodwin Hart transferred the property back to sell the property again. The castle-building fell into disrepair through the years of vacancy.

The following films were shot here:

1929 : His best friend of Harry Piel
1934 : The Cousin from Nowhere , director Georg Zoch
1991 : The Lake House , Series of ARD
2000 : All children need love , produced by the ARD , director Karsten Wichniarz
2002 : Shots , graduation film of Stuttgart Media University , Director Achim Hasenberg
2006 : Virus Undead